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Data Services

Applicable EditionsTapData EnterpriseTapData Enterprise can be deployed in your local data center, making it suitable for scenarios with strict requirements on data sensitivity or network isolation. It can serve to build real-time data warehouses, enable real-time data exchange, data migration, and more.

TapData supports publishing table data as APIs, aiding enterprises in building a unified data services platform. Various applications can use these APIs to provide support for services such as push notifications. The recommended sequence of use is as follows:

Create an API ApplicationManage based on the purpose of the API in groups.
Create an API ServiceSelect the tables to associate, set the API's name, version, access path, permission scope, etc. Once set up, publish it online.
Create an API ClientSet the scope of permissions and authentication methods based on business needs to ensure the security of the API service.
Invoke API ServiceSupports RESTful and GraphQL access methods.
Audit and MonitorAudit and monitor API usage to meet compliance and security requirements.