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What is Tapdata Cloud?

Tapdata Cloud is a real-time data platform provide by Tapdata that integrates data replication and data transformation. It can provide millisecond-level real-time data synchronization and data fusion services in scenarios that span across clouds, regions, and multiple types of databases.

Why choose Tapdata Cloud?

Compared with traditional data migration/synchronization tools, Tapdata Cloud can provide a rich, easy-to-use, secure, and reliable data flow service to improve data development efficiency.

  • Out of the Box

    Simply sign up for an account, deploy Tapdata Agent according to the platform with one click, and start data synchronization right away.

  • Rich database support

    Support for mainstream databases, including commercial databases, open source databases, cloud databases, SaaS platform data sources, file data sources, and custom data sources.

  • Unified Real-Time Data Hub

    Based on the concept of data hierarchical governance, data scattered in different business systems can be synchronized to a unified platform cache layer, which minimizes the impact of data extraction on business and provides basic data for subsequent data processing and business, thus building a consistent, real-time data hub and connecting data silos.

  • Visual Operation without Coding

    Say goodbye to SQL, you can quickly complete the conversion rules such as renaming the table with a simple mouse drag and drop, and also support the UDF (User Defined Function) based on Javascript.

  • Reliable Data Consistency

    Tapdata Cloud ensures high consistency between the target and source databases through a variety of self-developed technologies, supports multiple verification methods, and ensures the strict requirements of the production environment.

Product Pricing

Tapdata Cloud charges based on the specifications and quantity of subscribed Agent instances, and you can create one SMALL specification Agent instance for free.

For more information, see Billing Overview.

New to Tapdata Cloud?

No worries, with Tapdata Cloud's intuitive graphic interface, you can start quickly, and we have extensive tutorials to help you quickly meet your data flow requirements:

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