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Data Pipeline Tutorial

Applicable EditionsTapData CloudTapData Cloud offers you cloud services that are suitable for scenarios requiring rapid deployment and low initial investment, helping you focus more on business development rather than infrastructure management. Free trial with TapData Cloud.TapData EnterpriseTapData Enterprise can be deployed in your local data center, making it suitable for scenarios with strict requirements on data sensitivity or network isolation. It can serve to build real-time data warehouses, enable real-time data exchange, data migration, and more.TapData CommunityTapData Community is an open-source data integration platform that provides basic data synchronization and transformation capabilities. This helps you quickly explore and implement data integration projects. As your project or business grows, you can seamlessly upgrade to TapData Cloud or TapData Enterprise to access more advanced features and service support.

πŸ“„οΈ MySQL to BigQuery Real-Time Sync

BigQuery is a fully serverless and cost-effective enterprise data warehouse that operates seamlessly across different cloud platforms and effortlessly scales with your data. It incorporates business intelligence, machine learning, and AI functionalities. TapData, on the other hand, enables real-time synchronization of multiple data sources with BigQuery, facilitating smooth data flow and effectively accommodating changes in data architecture or big data analysis requirements.