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Real-Time Data Hub

Applicable EditionsTapData CloudTapData Cloud offers you cloud services that are suitable for scenarios requiring rapid deployment and low initial investment, helping you focus more on business development rather than infrastructure management. Free trial with TapData Cloud.TapData CommunityTapData Community is an open-source data integration platform that provides basic data synchronization and transformation capabilities. This helps you quickly explore and implement data integration projects. As your project or business grows, you can seamlessly upgrade to TapData Cloud or TapData Enterprise to access more advanced features and service support.

The Real-Time Data Hub supports two modes, catering to different data governance needs.

  • Data Integration Platform Mode: Suitable for data replication/synchronization, cloud migration, or building ETL pipelines. You simply drag and drop source tables to the target to automatically create data replication tasks.

  • Data Service Platform Mode: Based on the concept of data layer governance, this mode synchronizes data scattered across different business systems to a unified platform cache layer, minimizing the impact of data extraction on operations. It provides foundational data for subsequent data processing and business operations, thus building a consistent, real-time data platform and connecting data silos.