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This article introduces the features of Tapdata Cloud to help you quickly understand its core capabilities.

Data Replication

Tapdata Cloud offers support for both full data synchronization and real-time incremental data synchronization. Tapdata Cloud can help you to quickly achieve real-time synchronization between the same/heterogeneous data sources, which is suitable for data migration/synchronization, data disaster recovery, reading performance expansion, and other business scenarios.

Data Replication Workflow

Data transformation

Aiming at complex data processing needs, Tapdata Cloud supports a variety of processing nodes between data sources based on data replication capabilities. These nodes provide advanced data processing capabilities such as data splitting, data splitting, field addition, and deletion, and shared mining.

Data Transformation Workflow

Real-Time Data Hub

With Tapdata Cloud's Real-Time Data Hub, you can synchronize data scattered in different business systems to a unified platform cache layer, which can provide basic data for subsequent data processing and business, avoid the performance impact of directly reading/manipulating the source database. This helps create a consistent, real-time data platform and connects disparate data silos.

Data Service Platform Architecture

Supported sources and targets

Tapdata Cloud supports rich data sources, as detailed in Supported Data Sources.