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Subscription Instance

After registering with Tapdata Cloud, you will receive the benefit of creating one free Agent instance. If you require additional agents or desire higher transfer performance, you can refer to the instructions in this article to complete the subscription process for the desired instance.


  1. Log in to Tapdata Cloud.

  2. In the left navigation panel, click Resource Management.

    After successfully creating a free Agent instance, if you find that your business requires additional Agent instances to meet performance needs, you can proceed with subscribing to more instances. This will allow you to scale up the capabilities of Tapdata Cloud to accommodate your business requirements effectively.

    Agent Example

  3. On the right side of the page, click Create Agent.

  4. In the pop-up dialog, select deploy mode, spec and subscription period.

    Select Agent Specification

    • Deploy Mode
      • Self-Hosted Mode: You need provide the equipment for deploying and maintaining the Agent. This allows for the optimal utilization of existing hardware resources, resulting in lower costs and enhanced security.
      • Fully Managed Mode: Tapdata Cloud provides the required computing/storage resources for running the Agent and deploys it automatically. Additionally, we offer unified operational maintenance and resource monitoring to enhance reliability. This enables one-click delivery and usage, eliminating the need for deployment and operational efforts, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

        When selecting the Fully Managed Mode, you also need to choose the cloud provider and region where the Agent will be deployed.

    • Agent Spec: Select product specifications based on the number of tasks and performance requirements required for evaluation. You can create an example of SMALL specifications for free. For detailed descriptions of product pricing and specifications, see Billing Overview.
    • Subscription Period: Select the required subscription period, in order to avoid the expiration of the instance affecting the execution of the task, it is recommended to choose the Annually (10% off) or Monthly (5% off).
  5. Click Next, on the following page, carefully review and confirm the specifications you wish to purchase. Ensure that the selected billing method aligns with your preferences. Additionally, verify that the email address provided is accurate and where you would like to receive the bill.

    Once you have double-checked all the information, click on the OK button to proceed with the purchase.

  6. You will redirected to payment page. Please follow the instructions on the payment page to complete the payment process. After completing the payment, you will be able to download the payment credentials.

  7. After the payment is successful, return to the Tapdata Cloud platform to see that the Agent instance you purchased is To be deployed.

    Next, you can deploy the Agent on your server. For more information, see Install Agent.

    Subscription is successful